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Olney: trevor bauer leading indians' push for 18th straight win

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lihongtaolucky el 11-09-2017 a las 04:29:55

Trevor Bauer pitches for the Cleveland Indians against Joe Pavelski Authentic Jersey the Orioles on Sunday Night Baseball, working to extend Cleveland’s winning streak to 18 games and improve on his own run of excellence. He has thrown at least five innings in his past nine starts, and since July 27, he has an ERA of 2.19. Bauer has increased the use of his curveball to 29 percent in 2017, after he threw it 12 percent of the time in 2015 and 19 percent in 2016. Only three pitchers have thrown a higher percentage of curveballs than Baue Given that his average fastball velocity is 94 mph -- and in his most recent start, he was clocked close to 100 mph -- there is a gap of about 15 to 20 mph between his fastball and curve, a range that can be extremely effective when he’s throwing strikes. Bauer has a 4.39 ERA for the season, but rates much higher in advanced metrics. His FIP (fielding independent pitching) is 3.90, 20th best in the big leagues, and he ranks 18th in xFIP, at 3.72. As he warms up before each game, Bauer listens to five songs of melodic death metal by Amon Amarth, finding his own rhythm within the music: "One Thousand Burning Arrows," "War of the Gods," "Father of the Wolf," "Twilight of Rod Langway Youth Jersey the Thunder God" and "Back on Northern Shores." So to review: The Indians are dominating the most prominent barometers in the sport for success. They are riding a winning streak that dates back to before the college football season, and in the next week, All-Stars Andrew Miller and Jason Kipnis could rejoin the active roster. On Saturday, Miller said he hopes to throw live batting practice Monday, and Kipnis hopes to return by the end of the current homestand. Stone-faced prankster: Corey Kluber is stone-faced when he’s on the mound, his expression never changes, and teammates report that for the most part, this continues to be the case when he’s around them: He’s mostly stoic and the tone of his voice doesn’t vary a lot. But he is regarded among teammates as a gifted and stealthy practical joker, someone who likes to lay traps and then watch the results from afar. For example: During the course of this season, third base coach Mike Sarbaugh has occasionally had trouble locating his helmet before he heads out to the coach’s box. What he doesn’t know, other Indians players say, is that Kluber likes to move it -- and then go to another part of the dugout to see Sarbaugh scrambling to find it. Sarbaugh "may still not know who’s doing it," said one of the other Indians, laughing. When teams wore personalized jerseys on players’ weekend, bullpen coach Jason Bere requested that his nickname, JB, be placed on the back. Instead, when he received the jersey, it had something different: DAD. When second baseman Jason Kipnis had a habit of wrecking some woodwork behind the Indians’ dugout in 2014, it was Kluber who designed the T-shirts dispersed to the players: JK Construction Co., bearing these words on the back: "I BREAK IT. YOU FIX IT." So the Washington Nationals have clinched. For Malcom Brown Authentic Jersey months now, it hasn't been a question of if that would happen, but when. If you think that skipper Dusty Baker can just sit back and relax now, chomping on his trademark toothpick for the final three weeks of the regular season, think again. Now is when the real work begins. Here are five things that Baker and the Nats need to do between now and the time they square off against the St. Chiwaukeezona Cubinalbackers in the National League Division Series: Get Bryce Harper healthy. Before this happened, the Nats were scoring 5.4 runs per game, second-best in baseball. Since Harper's coyote-ugly injury, which the team said was a bone bruise at the time but appears to have also included a calf strain, Washington is down to 4.5 runs per contest, which ranks 16th in the majors. The offensive outage is hardly surprising given how the 2015 MVP was slashing this season (.326/.419/.614). The question is: When will Harper return? Although he's no longer limping around the locker room and has graduated to light activity (including the wearing of cornrows, albeit short-lived), he doesn't appear close to resuming full-scale acts of baseball any time in the immediate future. If Harper is back for the playoffs -- even if he's not quite 100 percent -- it's a huge boost to the Nats' chances of winning a postseason series for the first time since coming to D.C. If not, their odds of advancing take a hit.

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