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The guy who won league mvp?

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lihongtaolucky el 12-09-2017 a las 04:43:44

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Newton didn't have Matt Belisle #9 Youth jersey much to do during Carolina's 23-3 drubbing of the San Francisco 49ers in Santa Clara, California. Making his return after undergoing offseason shoulder surgery and throwing just two passes during the preseason, Newton ran the ball only three times and dropped back 25 times. He completed 14 of those passes, generating 171 yards with two touchdowns and an interception on a throw into double coverage that was picked off by the otherwise-disastrous Jaquiski Tartt. I wouldn't be concerned about the interception, which was a reasonable shot to take from midfield with the 6-5 Kelvin Benjamin running against 6-2 Dontae Johnson. Tartt had to make an incredible play for the pick. Newton also had a slant nearly picked off by Reuben Foster, the sort of ill-advised throw Newton has been able to make in years past thanks to unreal velocity on his intermediate passes. As his shoulder strength returns, it's likely Newton will be able to carve out those windows again. More concerning were the throws Newton missed. He had Greg Olsen running wide open for a would-be touchdown but couldn't see his tight end under pressure. Two plays later, Newton had Ed Dickson about as wide open as you can have a receiver in the end zone, and missed the backup tight end by 4 yards. The 2015 Cam Newton? The guy who won league MVP? He makes this throw in his sleep: Newton was inconsistent throughout the day. His passes weren't often in stride, although there were exceptions, like Benjamin's lone Authentic Luis Sardinas #16 Womens jersey reception. Newton didn't quite have the sort of otherworldly zip he used to get on those slant and dig routes, but he was certainly functional, and he had no problem getting loft on that deep attempt to Benjamin. He was better during the second half, completing all six of his passes, but those throws traveled an average of just 6.3 yards in the air. Inconsistent velocity on his passes is one thing, but Newton's shoulder strength should continue to improve over the next few weeks. Even given the minor woes, what was really promising about this game was that Newton didn't take a beating. He stayed down for a moment after scrambling to the sideline on a hit, but got up without any qualms. He had only those three meaningful carries, and he wasn't sacked once across 25 dropbacks, taking just two hits in the process. With Christian McCaffrey in the lineup, Newton's average pass traveled just 8.4 yards in the air, way down from the 10.2 air yards he averaged per pass between 2015 and 2016. Shorter passes limit the amount of time opposing pass rushes have to tee off on him. We'll have to see how Matt Kalil and company perform against better pass rushes later in the season, but with the Bills, Saints, Patriots and Lions on the way, Operation Protect Cam appears to be off to a successful start. After a horrifically bad rookie season, there was nowhere for Goff to go but up in 2017. The Rams doubled down with infrastructure to support their struggling 2016 first overall pick this offseason, trading for Sammy Watkins, signing Robert Woods and the aforementioned Whitworth Logan Paulsen Womens Jersey in free agency, and hiring Washington wunderkind Sean McVay to take over as head coach. The early returns are shockingly good. Goff had his best performance as a pro by a comfortable margin on Sunday, throwing for 306 yards and a touchdown as the Rams cruised to a 46-9 victory over a scarily hapless Indianapolis Colts team in the opener. The Los Angeles defense chipped in with 16 points and limited the Colts to just one drive lasting longer than five plays all game, and Goff held up his end of the bargain, posting a 61.6 Total QBR. Even before the Rams were comfortably in front, it was clear that McVay's game plan was to make life easy for Goff. His first pass attempt was a straightforward run-pass option (RPO), with Goff reading a linebacker and dropping in a simple slant to Watkins for 13 yards. Given that Goff's confidence appeared to be completely sapped by the end of last season, it's not a surprise that McVay started him off with a quick pass. As the game went on, McVay's playcalling created easy completions for Goff. An end-around to Tavon Austin yielded a first down early, so the Rams faked the end-around later in the first half and Goff threw a screen to Todd Gurley for 23 yards. Play-action was a huge differentiator for this Rams team. The running game wasn't particularly effective, even during Los Angeles' lightning-quick sprint to the lead in the first half, but that didn't matter. In 2016, Goff posted a 65.0 passer rating and a 30.3 QBR on play-action passes, which was 41st in the league. On Sunday, though, Goff was 6-of-8 for 127 yards after those same play fakes, producing a 95.2 QBR. McVay used the play fakes to free up the intermediate level for Goff, who found comfortable throwing lanes and looked both comfortable in the pocket and decisive in where he wanted to put the football.

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