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There's no mythology involved in his long-shot tale. the very first football coa

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Tom Brady is running dangerously 

Women's #93 Nike Game Ian Williams White NFL Jersey - Road San Francisco 49ers
 low on challenges, on opponents to identify and conquer, and this is what happens when a man has five Super Bowl rings and no other quarterback has more than four. Brady is always on the hunt, right? So why shouldn't he celebrate his 40th birthday in August and then start taking on the Madden curse in September?But the tests don't end there. In an interview with, the 39-year-old Brady said he might play into his late 40s, never mind his mid-40s, and there really will be nobody left for him to topple the next six, seven, eight seasons but Michael Jeffrey Jordan -- the presumed greatest American team-sport athlete ever. Brady has a better chance than LeBron James of seizing Authentic Lawrence Taylor Youth Jersey that crown. He holds a 5-3 lead over James in titles, and the New England Patriots won't have to face the Golden State Warriors over the balance of Brady's prime."I was in awe of Michael Jordan," Brady said, "and I still am in awe of what he was and what he meant. ... He was such an effortless player. He put a lot of effort in, but there's an art and a beauty to the way he played the game. That was a very inspiring thing." Brady is Benjamin Button, after all. He looks more nimble in the pocket now than he did 10 years ago, and through fitness programs and plant-based diets that would make men half his age puke, he has inspired some otherwise crazy questions about his durability. Like this one: Who says Tom Brady can't play in the NFL at age 50? "That's a great question," he said. "If you said 50, then you can say 60, too, then 70. I think 45 is a pretty good number for right now. I know the effort it takes to be 40. ... My love for the sport will never go away. I don't think at 45 it will go away. At some point, everybody moves on. Some people don't do it on their terms. I feel I want it to be on my terms. I've got to make appropriate choices on how to do that, how to put myself in the best position to reach my long-term goals." Of course, Brady would never publicly declare himself a player in Jordan's league. But he knew what he was doing when he agreed to play cover boy for the "Madden NFL 18" game under Authentic Norichika Aoki #8 Womens the title "G.O.A.T. Edition." Brady was notarizing the idea that he's the greatest of all time at the most indispensable position in the most popular sport, a truth that puts him squarely in the broader GOAT conversation. Squarely in Jordan's league. Despite the biblical plague of locusts that visited much younger Madden cover men, Brady's history says the 2017 NFL season will be to this curse what the 2004 American League Championship Series was to the Curse of the Bambino. His history also says he'll play at a higher level beyond his 40th birthday, on Aug. 3, than anyone before him in any contact sport. He maintained in the 45-minute phone interview that time is on his side. "I always said my mid-40s," Brady said of the prospect of retirement, "and naturally that means around 45. If I get there and I still feel like I do today, I don't see why I wouldn't want to continue." Continue until 46, 47, 48, who knows? Brady brought up his wife, Gisele Bundchen. You know her as a supermodel, and maybe as the woman who once wanted to deck that taunting New York Giants fan who advised her that Eli Manning owned her husband. "My wife says lots of things sometimes," Brady continued through the faint trace of a chuckle. "She makes decisions for our family that I've got to deal with. Hopefully she never says, 'Look, this has to be it.' ... My wife and my kids, it's a big investment of their time and energy, too." "She wants me to do that, too," Brady confirmed. "She also wants me to take good care of myself and still have my energy. My kids have grown up faster than I thought." Surely, any loving wife would want her loving husband to leave a hazardous profession with his body and mind intact, allowing their children to grow up with their father whole. Then again, if anyone knows what it means to get to the top of a profession and stay there for a long time, it's Gisele Bundchen. Forbes reported Bundchen has earned more money than any other model every year since 2002, and that last year she cleared $30 million -- or $20 million more than the second-highest earner, Adriana Lima. Bundchen's dynasty is more impressive than Brady's, and frankly, it's easier to imagine her advising him to continue competing than it is to picture her telling him to hang it up.

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