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The ring he won with the Canadian junior Zemgus Girgensons Authentic Jersey team in 2005 remains one of Crosby's most prized possessions -- and most satisfying triumphs. "We were so focused during the tournament, I don't think we really realized how good we were," Crosby told The Hockey News in 2014. "I remember every team being dangerous, goalies being able to steal one game. After it was all said and done, and you looked at each game and how we played and how we carried the play, it was pretty impressive. When I look back, I definitely think it was one the best teams I ever played on." Crosby still looks up to Mario Lemieux -- the former Penguins star and current team co-owner and chairman who has been his boss, mentor and onetime landlord. The admiration is mutual. "What a great leader he's been for us," Lemieux told Linda Cohn in June. "He's the main reason we went back-to-back. He just loves the game and he's a great leader. All he wants to do is practice and play the game. He's competitive. Anything Jack Johnson Womens Jersey he does, he wants to be the winner. He's been our captain for 10, 11 years and he's gonna be with the Penguins forever." Crosby took a shot at late-night television in August 2005, appearing on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." Crosby revealed that when he was a preteen, he would use the dryer in his family's basement for target practice, leaving countless dents and black marks on the machine -- much to his mom's chagrin. "I hit it and then I'd hear upstairs, 'What was that?'" said Crosby. "I didn't say anything. ... After a while, my mom] didn't care. But it took a bad beating.'' When asked in 2008 about the rivalry the media had created between him and Alex Ovechkin, Crosby responded: "We don't hate each other. But we're not best friends. It's a pretty big rivalry to watch, because our games have gotten a lot of attention." Through their careers, the two giants of their generation have continued to bring out the best in each other. "I don't think they're driven by the other guy's success or whatever," said Capitals coach Barry Trotz in April. "They're just driven athletes. That's why they're in the top 100 in the history of this league. You can say that, in a lot of ways, they've saved our game since they first came into the league, from lockouts and what have you. They're special athletes." Troy Crosby -- who played for the Verdun Junior Canadiens in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League and was a goaltender at the Montreal Canadiens' training camp in 1984 -- was the first goalie Sidney faced, on the floor of their unfinished basement back in Cole Harbour. "From the time he was a little kid, [Sidney] picked up the stick and held it like he was going to shoot," Troy recalled. "He would make blind passes, and pass behind his back, but I stopped being his goaltender when Authentic Chris Tierney Youth Jersey he was 7. He started shooting at my shins." Crosby won three Stanley Cups with longtime teammate Marc-Andre Fleury and says the netminder -- who was selected by the Vegas Golden Knights in the expansion draft in June -- leaves an enduring legacy in Pittsburgh. "Playing with someone that long, going through what we did, it's pretty special," Crosby said. "We've got some great memories." As a fellow netminder, Taylor Crosby considers Fleury her second-favorite NHL player. "He's such a great person, on and off the ice," she says. "He's been a role model for starting goalies, and then role model for those who have to fill a backup role and aren't playing, on how to be a great teammate and always be ready. He was always my role model, but even more so now." Crosby's winning goal against the U.S. in overtime of the gold-medal game at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics was a crowning achievement for him and his country. "People come up and say, 'This is where I was,' 'I was on vacation in Dominican,' 'I was in this bar,'" he told in 2014. "That's really cool. I remember as a kid where I watched Salt Lake. As a kid dreaming, I was like, 'Gretzky to Yzerman'; we all did that playing outside, and to be able to do that is pretty cool." Said no less an authority than Wayne Gretzky himself of Crosby's shot: "That was phenomenal for the whole country. And it was also icing on the cake for the Olympic Games in Vancouver as a whole."

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